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Cyber Wellness: Home

Cyber Wellness is about the positive well-being of users in the Cyber Space. The e-Learning package on Cyber Wellness in Digital Life@NP teaches you tips and knowledge on how to create a positive digital identify, leave positive digital footprints behind and protect oneself against digital threats. It covers the following areas:

  • Personal Identity
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Digital Threats 
  • Digital Responsibilities
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Protection

See a sneak preview of bite-sized videos on Cyber Wellness developed by the Library in collaboration with Media Literacy Council.

Digital Footprints

Leave positive digital footprints behind

Public Shaming

Learn not to humiliate anyone online

Online Scams

Do not be fooled by online scams!

Media and Persuasion

Be smart on what you see on advertisements

Media Literacy Core Values

Be kind when you are online

The Law and how it affects you

Be mindful of the law that protects you in the online world