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Gain ideas and insights on how governments and companies around the world are harnessing new and emerging technologies in the fight against COVID-19. As we adopt new technologies, the stakes may be high, but the possibilities are vast. This is tech’s big moment. With this curated resource, keep up with the latest COVID-19 tech-related reads and videos, put together by the Library.


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Latest Videos

Azure AI & IoT | Smart Office Reopening with RXR Realty

Reduced COVID-19 risk in the workplace with AI and IoT on the Edge, RXR Realty, New York based real estate company shows the full implementation.

New X-ray technology could transform way COVID-19 diagnosed

It’s being called ground-breaking technology that could change the way COVID-19 is diagnosed.

Geospatial data seen as crucial in managing COVID-19 crisis

Geospatial solutions that use location-based data are being tipped to be increasingly crucial, as authorities try to keep the public safe during COVID-19.


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