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Vitamin Boost: SEN Support Services in NP

Learn More About SEN ans SEN Support!

About Us :)

At Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), we want all students to have a holistic education experience and campus life, attain useful life skills to be independent, and gain meaningful employment after graduation.

Do visit this page for the latest updates on SEN related news, as well as activities planned for students with SEN!

Current activities:

  • Art Jams/ Craft Sessions
  • Game Sessions
  • Monthly Tea Talks



Student & Alumni Services Office

Block 22 #03-01

Enquiries: 6460 6380


Meet the Staff!

SEN Counsellors: Sonia Iman Tan Ying, Julya Siti Azura Saripi

Senior Admin Executive: Thayasilee Joseph

Admin Executive: Nur Ilyana Imran


Dear students,


Happy New Year from SAS SEN Support Services! As we move into 2021, we would like to continue our existing programmes, namely: 

  • Tea talks (support group sessions) 
  • Art/handicraft sessions 
  • Game sessions 


In addition, we would also like to set up a new sensory room at the SAS office, for students to relax and regulate their emotions. Do check out our mailer or visit for some examples. 


While these ideas seem great, we will need your help to improve our services even further! We seek your feedback on how to turn our plans into something for students, by students. Our first event in 2021 will thus be a focus group discussion, where we would be listing to your ideas and brainstorming on our upcoming programmes, e.g.: 

  • What would you like in our sensory room? E.g. Projector lights, music, beanbags, swing 
  • What type of art/handicrafts would you like? E.g. Ink/zentangle drawing, creative journaling, pompom making 


This would also be a chance for everyone to meet new people from different years and courses (we might have an optional sharing session if time permits!). Should you be interested in this focus group discussion, do fill in your availability in the doodle form sent to your inbox (do look out for an email titled "Upcoming Events by SEN Support Services"!)


We will be holding the sessions on the days/timings where most students are available in February, and will send another email with the confirmed the dates during the last week of January 2021. 


For more details and enquiries, please contact SEN Counsellor Sonia at []

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you! 

Upcoming Events This Semester

Hi all,

It's the start of a new school semester! For some of us, being able to return to school has allowed us to meet and reconnect with our friends, while others continue to have HBL for all classes. Whichever group we might be in, I do wish everyone all the best :)

For this semester, we would be holding monthly virtual Tea Sessions, Art Jams and Game Sessions. Tea Sessions are small meet ups which also function as support group sessions, while Art Jams provide a safe space for students to create and share their art with their peers. Want to destress by bonding over online games (e.g. Among Us)? Sign up for our Game Sessions!

Do remember to look out for our emails, where we will send details of our sessions closer to the date (they will usually have the words "SEN Support" as part of the header). Thank you and I hope to e-meet you soon!


(Note: no real guinea pigs will be involved)



AT Device Feature: DBuds

DBuds are Dynamic Ear Plugs which Ear plugs with adjustable volume, giving users the choice and control of how much noise they want to hear, dependent on how they feel in the moment. This is useful for students with ADHD and Autism who have sensitive hearing, leading to concentration issues and loudness discomfort in certain situations (e.g. Loud lecture halls, canteens or internship venues).With a volume button, students can adjust the amount of sound they want to filter out, making it possible to switch settings without taking the plugs out of the ears (e.g. Students can toggle between high filtration [while eating in the canteen] to low filtration [while talking to a friend in the canteen).


DBuds are also small and discreet, so users do not need to feel weird or singled out while wearing them!


Link to their webpage:


Students may also get a letter of recommendation from their psychologist/therapist to tap into the SEN Fund and purchase these DBud at no cost! Call 64606380 or email to find out more :)


- Sonia



Purple Parade 2020

Hi all,

The Purple Parade 2020 is ON! It will be held in OCTOBER 2020 and we are going DIGITAL to Support Inclusion and Celebrate Abilities of People with Disabilities!

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to press on - so the community can continue to express support to the Persons with Disabilities in Singapore.

The 8th but inaugural digital edition will usher a suite of many firsts, bringing a range of new programme opportunities onto the digital world. 




Among Us Game Session

Hi all!

Previously, we talked about playing the mobile game Among Us with a bigger group of NP students across our different support groups. I am thus opening our first Among Us Game Session on Wednesday, 7th October, from 3pm – 4pm.

Do message me via MS Teams if you are keen on joining!



Contact us

Contact us at 6460 6380 (phone or Whatsapp during office hours) or

Locate us at NP Blk 22 Level 3 Student and Alumni Services (SAS)

Schedule a counselling session at

When in emotional distress call

  • NP Student Crisis Helpline at 6460 6777 
  • Samaritans of Singapore at 1-767 (SOS)

For medical and other emergencies on NP campus, ring 6460 6999 for immediate assistance

For info on NP Student Care