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Vitamin Boost: Boosts chronologically

This folder shows the Vitamin Boost in the chronological order that they were disseminated to NP students via email.

April 2020 Semester

28 May 2020 - How to care for yourself during Home-Based Learning.
4 Jun 2020 Learn about the Issues of overuse of social media and how to better manage your time on social media
11 Jun 2020 In learning to care for yourself, there are four areas you need to look after: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.
18 June 2020 Feeling tensions in your project group? Learn what to do, and what not to do!
25 Jun 2020 How to make an appointment with the student counsellors?
2 Jul 2020 What does it actually mean to be happy? Are you on the right path to happiness?
9 Jul 2020 Special Education Needs and NP Support for SEN students
23 Jul 2020 Mental Muscle 1 What are mental muscles and how can you build them?
30 Jul 2020 Mental Muscle 2 Did you know that your thoughts affect your actions and feeling?. Learn about distorted thinking and how it can affects you.
5 Aug 2020 Mental Muscle 3 Building resilience - your ability to bounce back from difficulties and hardship.s.

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