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Copy of Digital Life@NP [as of May 3 2021]: Overview







Event on Digital Life@PolysTM

Power Up!

This is the theme of the Poly Libraries’ event to champion Digital Literacy and Media Literacy.  As the theme implies, Power Up! is used to boost the learning power of the Poly campus communities in their lifelong learning with competencies to help them stay ahead in their studies and career. It will be held every year from April to May.  In 2021, the activities span from 19 Apr to 21 May 2021. Join Poly Libraries' ambassadors for Digital Life@PolysTM Mike and his robotic friend AL in the lineup of events and activities.


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Learn New Skills


Digital Portfolio



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Curated Reads


Cyber Wellness

Digital Footprints

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Leave positive digital footprints behind

Media & Persuasion

Be critical media consumers

Public Shaming

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Do not humiliate anyone online

Media Literacy Core Values

Be kind when you are online

Online Scams

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Don't be fooled by online scams

The Law & How It Affects You

Be mindful of the law that protects you in the online world

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