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Covid-19: Positivity, Wellness, Fact and Fake: Stories & Messages


SG United Nobody really knows how it started and where it is going to strike next. But Singapore is rallying together to fight this invisible enemy - COVID-19. Source  

SG United Singaporeans have shown a united front in the fight against Covid-19. Source  

SG United Inspiring heroic stories. Source  

SG United Billionaire Peter Lim pays for $1 million worth of meals for front-line healthcare workers. Source  

Frontline Workers Dr. Jason Campbell has been making many smile on the social media app and has garnered millions of views for his dancing videos. Source  

Frontline Workers Two nurses from a hospital in east China's Anhui recently danced to celebrate discharge of some people, as they finished period of quarantine amid China's #coronavirus battle. Source  

Frontline Workers Groups pay tribute to migrant workers on May Day, companies show appreciation to staff. Source  

Frontline Workers Dr. Paul Sanders was still checking in with patients while recovering from the coronavirus. Source  

Frontline Workers What is it like to be battling Covid-19 on the front line? We ask Sister Ziyadah, a nurse at the isolation ward in SGH for the past eight years. Source  

Patient Dr. Erik Blutinger says the hospital plays "Here Comes The Sun" by The Beatles over a loudspeaker when a COVID-19 positive patient is discharged. Source  

Patient "You do not see the fear on their faces. They do not stand far away from you." Singapore's 62nd coronavirus patient shares her experience with Covid-19. Source  

Patient One of the first famous people with COVID, Idris Elba tells us how to stay calm in the face of the pandemic. Source  

Community From Italians singing from their balconies to Coldplay’s Chris Martin playing a concert on Instagram live and celebrities reading children’s stories. Source  

Community Signs thanking nurses and other caretakers were anonymously placed in front of one entrance to St. Joseph hospital in Bellingham, Washington, in March 2020. Source  

Community Going back to community and humanity during this global pandemic. Source  

Community How Canadians across the country are helping each other through the COVID-19 pandemic. Source  

Community Laurie's Shoes in Glendale is showing kindness by starting a program called “Luv a Healthcare Worker.” Source  

Community The gesture was deputies’ version of the 7 p.m. cheer — a trend where people go onto their balconies, open windows or stand at their open front doors and make noise to honor and boost the morale of workers such as doctors, nurses and other first responders. Source  

Community A local family is hanging signs on the street with encouraging messages. Source  

Community Meaning-making amid Covid-19. Source  

Family Family facing grandma's death due to Covid-19. Source  

World A bed time story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020. Source  

World CEO David Demuth’s 25-year-old son had the idea to create the video to help uplift the city. Source  

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