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Covid-19: Positivity, Wellness, Fact and Fake: Kindness and Responsibility


SG United Every share through the 'share' button will be matched by a donation of $5 SGD by generous sponsors. Our aim is to raise $50,000 to help migrant workers get the care and help they need and deserve. Source  

SG United A nurse on the COVID-19 frontline went beyond her call of duty to source for donations like prayer mats and clothes for migrant workers admitted into hospital. Source  

SG United On giving and generosity during this pandemic. Source  

SG United From hand sanitisers to free masks, many have come forward to offer help in this time of need. We followed Jennifer Le, a Vietnamese living in Singapore, to distribute free masks at Sengkang with her daughter and friends. Source  

SG United Uplifting inspirational tales in the time of Covid-19. Source  

SG United Stories of kindness amidst Covid-19. Source  

SG United #OpsUpRoof is a Singapore-based initiative started by social entrepreneur Delane Lim aimed at providing meals to vulnerable groups, such as the lower-income, elderly or ill. Source  

SG United Compilation of uplifting stories of acts and kindness. Source  

Community Hope is seeing the light, despite being surrounded by darkness. Source  

Community Here are 5 common problems you may struggle with and how you can shift your mindset to a more positive one amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Source  

Community Just go ahead, motivate yourself, think about the future that you will have and, more important, enjoy the present! Source  

Community Acts of kindness and volunteerism. Source  

Community Australian academic, psychologist and author Lea Waters discusses the beneficial power of expressing gratitude during times of stress and uncertainty. Source  

Community Nine uplifting stories form around the world. Source  

Frontline Workers These are some of the hundreds of hospital staff who volunteered to help run medical operations at dormitories hit by the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore. "Sometimes for 3-hour shifts, right up to our shoes, we’re soaked," one doctor says - adding it was a "humbling experience" as it's what Singapore's migrant workers go through in their daily work. Source  

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