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Information Literacy and Digital Literacy Efforts: Copyright Education

This online guide curates the Information Literacy and Digital Literacy programmes at Lien Ying Chow Library of Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

The skills are imparted to the students through a blended teaching approach which includes face-to-face delivery, e-Learning and learning journey. 

Students are taught the skills to construct search strategies, use information and data in digital environments, evaluate the credibility and reliability of information sources, apply the appropriate use of information, curate information & share online information.

Copyright Education for Students

The ethical use of information is a component of Digital Literacy. NP's Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence & NP Library have worked together to develop contents on Copyright Education.

The contents cover:

  • Copyright Basics;
  • Scenarios that may lead to infringement; and
  • How to avoid infringement?

These e-Learning packages will be incorporated into a single e-Learning module entitled, Copyright Education for Students. This is a cross-Polytechnic collaboration accessible from PolyMall.

Benefits of Copyright

Use of Images

Legal Use of Print Books

Recording Lectures

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