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Service-Learning: S-L Modules & Projects

Since the launch of S-L in NP, over 60 modules with S-L have been carried out. Click the Excel document below to see the modules, related projects and partners for the April 2019 semester. 

HS students organised a Health Carnival for senior citizens, as part of their Gerontology & Community Nursing module

Under their Project Management module, HMS students organised a reminiscence activity for seniors citizens. 

Accountancy diploma students shared personal budgeting tips and tools with foreign domestic workers. 

Child Psychology & Early Education students created resource kits containing games and activities  for teachers and parents to use to educate pre-schoolers on various health topics. 

Psychology Studies students tapped into 5 modules to develop programmes for children in an afterschool centre, to help them to cope better with stress and negative emotions.

Infocomm Technology students taught senior citizens how to use social media and other mobile apps. 

Life Sciences & Chemical Technology students assisted in North West CDC’s recycling project, collecting and analysing data on recycled item, and preparing a report which they then submitted to NWCDC, along with conclusions and recommendations.


Tourism & Resort Management students created a History Panel for a community bonding event they organised at Yuhua. 

Mass Comm students developed a social media campaign proposal for SCORE. 

Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering students co-created design solutions to help improve the lives of Pulau Ubin residents and to enhance social cohesion. Their designs were viewed by Minister Desmond Lee during Ubin Day. 

Using Design Thinking, Mechanical Engineering students designed and developed a device with interactive activities for elderly residents at All Saints Home. 

Adult learners from the Specialist Diploma in Community Optometry conducted a health screening exercise to pick up eye conditions in elderly residents and refer them accordingly.    

Students tapped into their domain knowledge and skills in horticulture to teach seniors living in rental blocks how to do potting and planting.

Electronic & Computer Engineering students helped to repair some of the salvageable faulty appliances that had been donated to Salvation Army. 

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