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Service-Learning: In the Media

Check out the following videos that cover various aspects of Service-Learning in NP, including S-L modules, training programmes, conferences etc.

Business & Accountancy - Service-Learning in Action (for Accountancy students)

A personal budgeting course saw Accountancy students working with migrant workers and learning from them.

Film & Media Studies - Mass Communication (Fundamentals of Reporting & Digital Media Fundamentals)

Service-Learning helped Mass Communication students to think about serious critical issues and how to use words and images responsibly.


Humanities & Social Sciences - Integrating 5 Psychology Studies modules

Psychology Studies students integrated their skills and knowledge from 5 different modules in a Service-Learning project involving disadvantaged children in an afterschool care centre.


Life Sciences & Chemical Technology + Engineering: Final-year Projects

Some final year projects have evolved into multi-disciplinary Service-Learning projects, enabling students to gain valuable lessons.

Service-Learning in STEM Education

Academics and industry representatives share thoughts on how Service-Learning can add value to STEM education.

Service-Learning Training for School of InfoComm Technology staff

Addressing Social Concerns of Today

This opening video for the “Our Social Future” conference touches on social concerns of today and asks how we might better tap into technology for greater social good.

Design & Environment - Sustainable Urban Design & Engineering (Design Studio 2)

A Service-Learning project in Lombok led to friendships being forged, so much so that when tragedy struck, staff and students rallied to provide support. 


Humanities & Social Sciences - Business & Social Enterprise (Project Management Module)

Business & Social Enterprise students apply project management concepts and tools to work on real-world projects for community partners


Health Sciences - Optometry (Paediatric Vision Management)

Service-Learning in the School of Health Sciences is built upon year on year, as experienced by these Optometry students.


Community Optometry (CET): Geriatric & Low Vision Management

Adult learners in NP’s Specialist Diploma in Community Optometry serve an elderly community through Service-Learning


My Thoughts on Service-Learning

Ngee Ann Poly lecturers share candid thoughts on their Service-Learning experiences.

Empathy Challenge & Design Thinking Training for Teachers

An Empathy Challenge and Design Thinking Workshop, held for educators from a primary school.

Our Social Future: Innovating for Tomorrow Conference

Highlights of Office of Service-Learning's inaugural conference that aimed to inspire and enable the social sector to be more future-ready.


In the News: Service-Learning in NP

Designing projects to solve community issues becomes part of Ngee Ann Poly's curriculum

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Poly launches wheelchair challenge to raise empathy for the disabled

  • Ting, Joey Chua. (2017, Jun 18). Poly launches wheelchair challenge to raise empathy for the disabled. Retrieved from

Ready to serve

  • Ang, Shannon. (2017, Sep 5). Ready to serve. Retrieved from

Should schools enforce community work?

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Why Ngee Ann Polytechnic wants kind-hearted students

  • Gov Insider. (2016, Oct 21). Why Ngee Ann Polytechnic wants kind-hearted students. Retrieved from

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