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Service-Learning: General Resources

NP’s Service-Learning Framework

SEVEN ELEMENTS OF SERVICE-LEARNING (Adopted and adapted by NP Office of Service-Learning) 

These seven elements serve to guide NP academic staff in designing their S-L modules.

Meaningful Service 
The Service-Learning project must be seen by both the community/partner and the students as being meaningful. It should address real community needs and issues, resulting in learning, personal development and positive community impact. 

Reciprocal Relationship 
Both the community/partner and the students learn from each other and mutually benefit from the Service-Learning experience. 

Community Voice 
The community/partner is consulted and plays a major role in shaping the Service-Learning project. 

Dialogue with Diverse Others 
Students should interact directly with people from varied backgrounds and having different perspectives, who are part of the community and its stakeholders. 

Student Voice 
Students should be empowered to play a significant role in shaping the Service-Learning project. 

Critical Reflection 
Reflection must be intentionally structured to enable students to examine and evaluate their experiences, attitudes and values, while deepening academic connections. This develops their critical thinking and helps them consider future actions in their personal lives and in society. 

Connection between Service and Learning 
Service-Learning is most effective when there is a clear connection between the academic learning objectives and the service project that the students are involved in. This will help deepens students’ understanding of the module content and provides a broader appreciation of the discipline. 


Student Online Package on Service-Learning and Cultural Quotient

This package contains the following:

  1. Student Guide to Service-Learning@NP 
  2. Video on Service-Learning@NP
  3. Video on Cultural Quotient (CQ) in S-L Modules

Lecturers can use or make reference to the package in their modules to prepare students for their S-L projects. They are encouraged to conduct pre-service discussion and facilitated reflection on the community/sub-community that their students will be servicing and its related subculture, as well as post-service facilitated reflection on learning points about CQ and values.

General Information

    Gliner, R., (Director) & Video Project (Producer) (2012). Schools that
communities [Video Recording]. San Francisco: CA.

    This DVD profiles a diverse group of public schools that are successfully
    creating higher achieving students in a different way - by turning the
    communities where they live into their classrooms. 

Globalisation and Multicultural Education

Embracing diversity through service-learning

  • Gross, P. A., & Maloney, V. A. (2012). Embracing diversity through service-learning. Clearing House85, 192-196. doi:10.1080/00098655.2012.683837

International service–learning: An opportunity to engage in cultural competence

  • Kohlbry, P., & Daugherty, J.A. (2015). International service–learning: An opportunity to engage in cultural competence. Journal of Professional Nursing, 31(3), 242-246.


Selected Articles for Faculty

A service-learning curriculum for faculty

  • Bringle, Robert G., & Hatcher, Julie A. (1995). A service-learning curriculum for faculty. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 2, 112-22.

Community-academic partnerships: Developing a service-learning framework

  • Voss, H. C., Mathews, L. R., Fossen, T., Scott, G., & Schaefer, M. (2015). Community-academic partnerships: Developing a service-learning framework. Journal of Professional Nursing, 31(5), 395-401.

Service-learning [Requires NP log in]

  • Felten, P., & Clayton, P. H. (2011). Service-learning. New Directions For Teaching & Learning2011, 75-84. doi:10.1002/tl.470

Student effects of service-learning: Tracking changes across a semester

  • Osborne, R. E., Hammerich, S., & Hensley, C. (1998). Student effects of service-learning: Tracking changes across a semester. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning5, 5-13.​

The long-term effects of volunteerism during the undergraduate years

  • Astin, A. W., Sax, L. J., & Avalos, J. (1999). The long-term effects of volunteerism during the undergraduate years. The Review of Higher Education21(2), 187-202.


    Educational Leadership for Singapore’s National Education Thrust in Post-
    secondary Educational Institutions : The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Experience

  Chan, K., Chapman, A., Pyvis, D., Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Teaching & Learning
  Centre, & University of Western Australia. (2010). Educational Leadership for
  Singapore’s National Education Thrust in Post-secondary Educational Institutions:
  The Ngee Ann Polytechnic Experience. [Requires NP log in]

Trends in Service-Learning

Furco, A. (14 Oct 2015). What are the trends in Service-Learning? [Video file]. Retrieved from

Resources by Prof Robert Bringle (NP's External S-L Consultant)

Online Journals

 Higher Education Research and Development

 Higher Education Research and Development publishes scholarly articles
 that make a significant and original contribution to the theory, practice or research
 of higher education. 


 Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship

 The Journal of Community Engagement and Scholarship (JCES) is a peer-
 reviewed international journal that integrates teaching, research, and community
 engagement in all disciplines, addressing critical problems identified through a
 community-participatory process.


 The Journal of Experiential Education

 The Journal of Experiential Education (JEE) is an international, peer-reviewed
 journal publishing refereed articles on experiential education in diverse contexts. 




 The Journal of Higher Education

 The Journal of Higher Education publishes original research reporting on the
 academic study of higher education as a broad enterprise. 




 Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning

 The Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning (MJCSL) is an
 international, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary academic journal for college and
 university faculty and administrators.

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