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Vitamin Boost: Counselling and Care in NP

Perhaps you have been feeling stuck for some time and you thought of speaking to a close friend, Mentor or Advisor. You have also heard of Peer Helpers and your school's Para-Counsellors and wonder who you should approach.

You hesitate as you think your problem sounds silly and you don't want anyone to know about it. It's also feels lousy to have to ask for help. You want to try to work it out yourself, but the problem seems to stick and it is increasingly upsetting.

In such a situation you may find it helpful to consider a counselling session with NP Counsellors. 

Our promise: Counselling sessions are confidential. Your counsellor will listen to you without judgement and journey with you.

The NP Counselling & Care Team

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NP Peer Helpers

NP Peer Helpers is a peer support group for students by students.

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How to book a counselling session

External Counselling Service for Students

Some of you may have reservations about confidentiality, or wonder whether your student records would be updated.

NP Counselling & Care would like to assure you of confidentiality. Student records and certificates do not reflect counselling information. Having said that, NP understands that you may prefer to approach an independent and external counsellor instead.

As an alternative, you may consider approaching TRANS FSC (Bukit Timah) for counselling.

We hope that you will not forgo receiving the help and support that you may need. Take care!

Alternative Support Outside NP

Alternatives to F2F counselling

NP Student Crisis Helpline

It's OK to Seek Help

Have you ever felt like you needed help but was hesitant to ask for it? Did you feel like you would be seen as "weak" by others? Did you think your own friends might ostracise you for seeking help?

It is 100% okay to take things at your own pace and seek help when you feel comfortable, but we are here to let you know that it is okay and important to speak up and seek help.

Misconceptions about counselling

Want to seek help but not sure what to expect? Find out here!

Confidentiality promise

Possible outcomes of counselling

How you may transform with counselling...

Contact us

Contact us at 6460 6380 (phone or Whatsapp during office hours) or

Locate us at NP Blk 22 Level 3 Student Care Centre

Schedule a counselling session at

When in emotional distress call

  • NP Student Crisis Helpline at 6460 6777 
  • Samaritans of Singapore at 1-767 (SOS)

For medical and other emergencies on NP campus, ring 6460 6999 for immediate assistance

For info on NP Student Care