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Vitamin Boost: Self-Care

How do you ensure that you have adequate self-care, to recharge, to do the things you enjoy doing? 

Do you schedule Me-Time or do you leave it to when you have time?

Do you feel guilty because there's work to be done? Or anxious that you are neglecting your responsibilities or friends? The good news is that you are rather normal. The bad news is that it isn't great for you! 

Learn about self-care and why it is important for you.


Aspects of Self-Care

When you practice self-care, it means tending to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs. Learn how here.

Take this me-time poll! Click on each option to read more about it.

How much Me-Time do you schedule each week?
What's Me-Time?: 14 votes (17.07%)
No time for Me-Time!: 41 votes (50%)
Me-Time is selfish and irresponsible:/: 12 votes (14.63%)
Too much Me-Time already!: 15 votes (18.29%)
Total Votes: 82

Dear Teenagers...

Self-care for college students

Students in college face much stress, learning new things and juggling many roles and responsibilities. To manage the bustle better and prevent a burn-out, Self-Care is essential!

Mental Wellness during HBL

Simple reminders on how to care for yourself during HBL.

Improve your sleep

Try these sleep tips to enhance your quality of sleep to bring about better health and wellbeing. 

Visit HPB's webpage for information. 

Stress Buster

With assignments due and common tests coming up, it is natural to feel some stress building up! What are some healthy ways to de-stress? Watch this video to find out more!

Mindfulness practice

Hear from Mindfulness expert and Headspace creator, Andy Puddicombe, about how the practice of mindfulness can refresh your mind, improve your focus and overall well-being.

Managing Rejections

How to say "No"

Do you often find yourself saying "Yes" when others ask you for a favour, even when you are pressed for time or don't think you are the right person to do the job? Do you often find it hard to say "No"? Then this clip may be for you.

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