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Vitamin Boost: Maintaining Relationships

Humans are social creatures; it is innate in us to form and maintain relationships throughout our lives. In every relationship, there are moments of happiness, sadness, anger, love and care. 

There are many relationship dynamics that can be appreciated and learned from. This page helps us to understand more about our relationships with our family, friends, partners & colleagues.


Comforting my Peers, but how?

Finding the right words to console a friend who is going through a hard time can be difficult.

During times like these, you may feel like you are a “bad friend” and be left with feelings of guilt as you are unsure of how to help.

So, what can you do to comfort a friend in need?


Loneliness is one of the most universally shared experiences. We've all felt it at some point in our life but thankfully it never lasts.

People respond to it in different ways. Watch the video to find out more about loneliness.


A friend can make our day!

Sing your hearts out with your friends and show your appreciation towards each other!

That's what friends are for!

How can you build a healthy friendship? Shasta Nelson identifies and explains the 3 key factors in Frientimacy.

Intimate Relationships

Are you in a healthy or unhealthy relationship?

Watch these clips to find out!

Toxic People

Do you feel like you can't be yourself around someone, because you feel judged by them?

Learn more about Toxic People, the signs and how you can handle these behaviors. 


Protect yourself from a Creepy Date

As the popularity of dating apps shoot through the roof, so have the number of cases of tech-enabled sexual harassment and violence cases. According to Aware, "its sexual assault care centre recorded 140 cases of technology-facilitated sexual violence last year. This formed 18 per cent of the 777 sexual violence cases it saw last year." (Today, 2 Dec 2020)

Don’t end up as a victim. Learn how to Protect Yourself From a Creepy Date.


As a young adult, do you feel like your family does not understand you?
I agree completely! My family doesn't understand me!: 7 votes (46.67%)
I somewhat agree. Sometimes when I talk to them, I don't get what I need/ want to hear.: 8 votes (53.33%)
I have a good relationship with my family.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 15


Always having to argue your points with your parents can be mentally and emotionally draining. 

Learn how Madeline Poultridge uses the Golden Questions of Mediation to resolve conflicts! 

Siblings Rivalry

Professional Relationships

Part of the educational journey is to do group work, and conflicts may be inevitable.

Here are some tips to manage the tension within your group.

Building workplace relationships

Learn how to build relationships within your workplace.